Raipur Krishi Utpadak Avem Vipadan Swayat Sehkari Samiti Ltd.
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About us

About Us

In a society where agricultural practices are progressing towards excessive use of chemicals and fertilisers, WE RKU Organics are putting in small efforts to provide Organically Grown Groceries. It is our strong belief that maximum amount of health issues are in some way directly related to the type of food that we are giving our body. Clean Organic eating is the way to counteract that. Raipur Krishi Utpadak is an Organic Board, Uttarakhand registered co-operative and has a farm in Maldevta, Uttarakhand. We also collect various items from registered Organic Board farmers who are a part of our co-operative. We were the pioneers in making the Sunday Organic Market in Survey Chowk a success and actively had our stall there for 10 years. We would strongly recommend to try any of our unique products to feel the difference and stay healthy. Our products range from Flours of all kind to vegetables, fruits and spices as well. Our gehu ka ataa is a must try, since it’s made via ‘Gharat’ or Panchakki, keeping intact it’s nutrition value, a practice now non-existent. We are adamant to provide the best customer service. Do connect with us and visit us to know more. Our co-operative is active since 2003. With our 17 years of experience in this field, since the last 2 years, we have come up with our own retail store and have a vision to provide best organic and pahadi produce to everyone in Dehradun.